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Lessons in Risks and Resilience


What We Learnt as a Rapid Response Grantmaker and Feminist Regional Fund | UAF A&P Annual Report 2019

In our second year of operations, we reflected on the concept of risk, and continued to support women and non-binary human rights defenders in Asia and the Pacific as they faced newer challenges.

This document is our effort at breaking the mould of the 'report'. It's a care package of grantee reflections and our learnings, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our work.

We remain grateful to our donors, Board of Directors across Asia and the Pacific, the Sister Funds, partners, and grantees for their support.


Threading Feminist Nets of Response and Resilience | UAF A&P Annual Report 2018


2018 was our first year of operations as a regional women's fund supporting women and non-binary human rights defenders and their organisations across Asia and the Pacific in times of need and/or emergencies. We were able to reach grantees across several countries and support their work in a manner that reflects our commitment to adhere to feminist principles of caring and support. We would like to place on record our gratitude to our donors, board of directors across Asia and the Pacific, sister funds, partners and grantees for being part of our journey to becoming a truly feminist fund.

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