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COVID Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a disproportionate impact on well-being and activism of women and non-binary [1] human rights defenders and activists in Asia and the Pacific. We have received requests for assistance from grantees, advisors, and partners from communities across both regions affected by the pandemic’s multiple levels of crises.

In line with UAF A&P’s commitment to support women and non-binary [1] defenders and activists, we have opened a limited grant specifically to support meeting their basic needs, and initiatives that help sustain activism during the COVID-19 pandemic. This grant is open until 31 December 2021.

I. Scope of COVID-19 Crisis Grants

This grant is available to women and non-binary [1] human rights defenders, activists, and their communities across any country of Asia or the Pacific. We recognise that movements and communities that women and non-binary activists and defenders belong to, are critical to their own survival and well-being.

Therefore, our COVID-19 Crisis grants will support:

     • Survival needs of women and non binary human rights activists and defenders, organisations, movements and their communities as a result of the pandemic, including consequent impact such as having limited or no access to government initiatives for food, health, hygiene or livelihood support

     • Initiatives that lead to connection, solidarity and support to ensure survival of movements, communities or organisations, which support women and non binary human rights defenders.

Are you requesting funds for other activities or initiatives that are not listed above, but enhance the resilience of women and non-binary* human rights defenders, and organisations/networks or communities in Asia and the Pacific?

If so, please use this link and choose "Security and Well Being Grant or Resourcing Resilience Grant" and click "Apply Now".

A. Criteria

Women or non-binary led – women or non-binary human rights defenders must be the primary beneficiaries of the grant, preferably channelled via a women’s rights organisation;


Human Rights Focus – the defender or organisation promotes the advancement of women’s and/or LBTQI’s human rights using nonviolent tactics or strategies and upholding the universality of human rights;


Timeline – Grant request must be received from now to 31 Decemmber 2021.

B. Available Grant Amount

UAF A&P provides grants of up to USD $5,000 only.

II. Application Guidelines
A. How To Apply

Download the COVID Crisis Grant Application Form, fill it and send it to

B. Communication Channels

UAF A&P ONLY recognise ProtonMail for email, and  Signal for messaging. We encourage applicants and grantees to use these channels because of its encryption capabilities, and for other security and privacy reasons. Please send us your application and queries through the following email addresses:

1. For grant application and inquiries, please send it to

2. For technical problems in using the online application, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or send a message to

C. UAF A&P's Advisors

UAF A&P’s grantmaking is informed by our roster of regional and country advisors whom we rely upon to assess recommended applications. Final decisions are communicated to each applicant after we have received endorsements from advisors.

D. Requirement for Grantees

All grantees are expected to submit final report on how each grant has been spent within six months from receipt of the grant.

E. Requirement for Previous Grantees

Previous grantees can re-apply for this grant if you have submitted your narrative and funds acquittal reports.

F. RRG Approval Process

We will follow the same approval process as our rapid response grants.

For further questions, please refer to our FAQ

[1]Non-binary is an umbrella term referring to individuals whose gender identity and/or gender expression are not exclusively masculine or feminine, male or female — thus, are outside of the gender binary and cisnormativity. UAF AP uses this term to encompass androgyny, polygender, genderqueer, gender fluid and a-gender individuals.



UAF A&P grants do not support:
  • Cisgender* males or cisgender male-led organisations or networks,
  • Individual requests without endorsement by an organisation,
  • Established community or established network affiliation or an UAF A&P advisor;
  • Activities or projects for humanitarian crises or natural disasters;
  • Activities or projects focused on development aid or charity assistance;
  • Projects or activities that are part of the regular programmes of an organisation;
  • Regular operating budgets and/or bridge funding (to fill a funding gap).

* Cisgender Males are individuals who identify as male and who were assigned male at birth.