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UAF A&P is a rapid response and feminist fund that mobilises and distributes resources to women and non-binary human rights defenders, activists and their movements to continue their work. We foster solidarity networks and critical connections to ensure activists feel safe, protected, cared for and supported. We offer grants quickly to individuals and organisations of up to $5,000, in any language, 365 days of the year.

Urgent Action Fund, Asia and Pacific (UAFA&P), as part of women’s rights movements worldwide, supports women’s rights activists striving to create cultures of justice, equality, and peace. We provide Rapid Response Grants to women and transgender human rights defenders that enable strategic interventions.

Rapid Response Grantmaking:

UAF Asia & Pacific is an independent fund that is deeply integrated within local networks in the regions. We are unique in that we make rapid response grants to women and non-binary human rights defenders across two regions. We accept applications for funding in any language, any day of the year, for up to USD $5000. Once submitted, applicants receive a response within 72 hours. If approved, the grant is delivered in 10-15 days.

We also provide resources beyond funding through our programmes, to support strong movements. Our distinctive approach is innovative; we learn and adapt quickly as we go. In addition to rapid response grants and holistic support to safety and well-being, we are also disrupting philanthropy by responding to the needs of activists and organisations in real time, then sharing that knowledge with our community. We bring over twenty years of experience as part of a global consortium of sister funds.

Enabling Defenders:

The programmes seeks to strengthen the webs of safety and care for women and non-binary human rights defenders. We engage with defenders and their networks to visibalise risks and threats beyond immediate physical threats and support them to create sustainable structures of safety and care.


Activating Philanthropy:

The Activating Philanthropy programmes harnesses a new vision for philanthropy in the two regions. It creates sharing communities of courage and care that provide sustained support to women and non-binary defenders through resources in multiple forms: funds, knowledge sharing, networks and volunteerism.




We celebrate International Women Human Rights Defenders Day with this tribute - UAF A&P's herstory

Submitted by on Sat, 11/27/2021 - 04:38

Over the past four years, UAF A&P has been learning and evolving as a regional feminist fund supporting the resistance and resilience of women and non-binary human rights defenders of Asia and the Pacific. We are often asked who we are and what we do, and this video is a conversation starter - we hope activists and defenders we support are able to seee themselves represented and their situations and contexts highlighted.

We continue to stand in solidarity and co-responsibility to support and sustain feminist activists and their movement building.

We are hiring

Submitted by on Tue, 10/26/2021 - 06:01

UAF A&P is expanding our grants team. There is one position that we are recruiting for:

We are looking for a Rapid Response Grant Facilitator who can support the team to increase our grant making across Asia and the Pacific, co-create spaces for connection and reflection with activists and defender communities that we work with, and also increase outreach to the marginalised groups.

When a Pandemic Tested Our Resistance and Resilience | UAF A&P Annual Report 2020

Submitted by on Tue, 08/17/2021 - 10:56

UAF A&P dedicates this report to the brave women, girls and non-binary human rights defenders and activists of Afghanistan.  We extend our solidarity to them in this difficult hour of their lives. If you would like to contribute to support them, click here