Rapid Response Grant Application Process for New Applicants

Application Process

Step 1: Check if you are eligible to receive grant at https://uafanp.org/grants-eligibility-assessment

Step 2: Create a ProtonMail Account at https://account.protonmail.com/signup.
For security reasons, the RRG system only allows ProtonMail accounts for email. End-to-end email encryption will only work if both the sender and the recipient are using the ProtonMail service.

Step 3: Once you have your ProtonMail email, register in our system at https://apply.uafanp.org/users/sign_up. Enter your ProtonMail email address in the email box then type-in your chosen password and confirm, then click Sign Up button. Your ProtonMail account is different from our system account so it is recommended that you use a different password from your ProtonMail account.


Step 4: Check your ProtonMail account for the confirmation email from grants@uafanp.org. Click the Confirm my account link to activate your account.


Step 5: Once you have validated your registration, you can now apply for a grant. If you’re not yet logged in, log in at https://apply.uafanp.org

Step 6: Click the APPLY FOR GRANT button (top right) on the Dashboard.

Apply for a grant

Step 7: Click the Apply now button under the appropriate grant on the Apply for a Rapid Response Grant page.

Apply now

Step 8: Fill-in the Application form. Do not leave any required (marked with *) information blank. If it will take you a lot of time to fill out the application form because you have a lot of information to input, you have two options:

  • Save your application as often as possible (preferably every two minutes) by clicking the Save and continue button (top right) in order not to lose information then continue editing
  • Type your answers temporarily on Word or any Text editing software then copy and paste your answers on the form once you're done

Step 9: Once you are done filling-in the application, Click Submit and lock button. (top right)

Save Submit

You will receive an acknowledgement email from grants@uafanp.org if you have successfully submitted the application with the application number as the subject. If you did not receive any email, please check if you have filled out all the required information (marked with red asterisk *) then submit the application.

Confirm email


For problems using the system, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions or email Esther at esther@uafanp.org.