Annual report 2021

Radical Geographies | UAF A&P Annual Report 2021

2021 presented the toughest terrains to navigate - conflicts, coups, political turbulence, amid a global pandemic that left no population unscathed. Even as struggles and hardship intensified for women and non-binary human rights defenders, they innovated on ways to survive, collectivise and draw strength to face adversities.

Board Consultant

Terms of Reference Board Contractor

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Deadline to Apply: 31 May 2022

Location: Remote (based in Asia or The Pacific)

Reports to the Board Transition Committee of the UAF A&P Regional Board

Start date: immediate


Pause. Take time out for yourself.

In a culture where being busy and depleted is prized, chose a wiser way. You may be wondering, why must I pause? What is the point of slowing down? All I want to do is keep helping those who need my help. With this grounding meditation, we want to remind you that if you are not feeling your best, you cannot give your best. You already know you cannot give from a place of emptiness, fatigue, anger or frustration. You can best give from a place of optimality. So join us in this exercise by taking the time to be your best and rejuvenate.