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Announcing the Launch of the Pacific Feminist Fund

Artwork by: Shar Tuiasoa

Women and non-binary human rights defenders and activists in the Pacific face insurmountable and intersecting challenges. While financial aid for gender equality is on the rise globally, funding for women’s rights organisations is not. Of this, less than 1% of the direct grant funding goes to women’s organisations in the Pacific. The Pacific region’s demands and challenges are as unique and expansive as the oceanscape and funding is needed by a variety of groups across the islands.

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UAF A&P’s Feminist Learning Approach

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We are proud to share our feminist learning approach in our latest publication ‘UAF A&P’s Approach to MEAL: Unlearning to Forge New Learning Paths’

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Shifting Narratives: Realms of Kintsugi

Urgent Action Fund Asia and Pacific's pilot foray into Shifting Narratives aims to disrupt the hegemony of traditional arts spaces to amplify new, fresh and diverse voices from the region. Art is used as the unifying language to disrupt existing narratives and to shift focus across Asia and the Pacific. We support artists to connect and build relationships with activists, defenders and other diverse audiences.