UAF Organisational review

Organisational Review 2018-23

The Asia and Pacific regions are witnessing democratic backsliding coupled with rising militarism. State actors have weaponized laws and tightened surveillance against women, trans, and non-binary human rights defenders and activists in countries like Myanmar, China, Afghanistan, and India, while non-state actors have weaponized regressive culture and religion, prioritizing profits over people, and extracting resources on indigenous peoples’ lands.

Feminist Futures Forged in Fire

UAF A&P Strategic Plan 2024-29

Feminist Futures. Forged in Fire.

UAF A&P has been in existence since 2018 and in that time until now, we have grown stronger and bigger, and deepened our roots in the regions that we live, exist and work. Through our growth, we stumbled, rose up, surveyed our landscape with curiosity and kindness. Our insightful voyage gave us many milestones to learn from and adapt as we moved forward.

PFF Artwork

Announcing the Launch of the Pacific Feminist Fund

Artwork by: Shar Tuiasoa

Women and non-binary human rights defenders and activists in the Pacific face insurmountable and intersecting challenges. While financial aid for gender equality is on the rise globally, funding for women’s rights organisations is not. Of this, less than 1% of the direct grant funding goes to women’s organisations in the Pacific. The Pacific region’s demands and challenges are as unique and expansive as the oceanscape and funding is needed by a variety of groups across the islands.