UAF A&P Strategic Plan 2024-29

Feminist Futures Forged in Fire

Feminist Futures. Forged in Fire.

UAF A&P has been in existence since 2018 and in that time until now, we have grown stronger and bigger, and deepened our roots in the regions that we live, exist and work. Through our growth, we stumbled, rose up, surveyed our landscape with curiosity and kindness. Our insightful voyage gave us many milestones to learn from and adapt as we moved forward.

Our journey to our current strategy came to life through the advice and insights of Pacific and Asian women, trans, and non-binary human rights defenders who crossed our paths virtually or in person, our team, advisors, past and present board members. Their wisdom and participation has and continues to improve our line of sight and help us to be better prepared for what may emerge over the next five years. Our aim through our new five-year strategic plan is for feminist and social justice movements led by women, trans, and non-binary people to move closer to their vision of a thriving existence that is interconnected and interdependent with the earth and other living beings.