Shifting Narratives: Realms of Kintsugi

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Urgent Action Fund Asia and Pacific's pilot foray into Shifting Narratives aims to disrupt the hegemony of traditional arts spaces to amplify new, fresh and diverse voices from the region. Art is used as the unifying language to disrupt existing narratives and to shift focus across Asia and the Pacific. We support artists to connect and build relationships with activists, defenders and other diverse audiences.

We would like this International Day of Women Human Rights Defenders 2022 to be filled with the embrace of grace, care and love. We acknowledge the age old narratives that have existed in silent resistance within communities of our region. We acknowledge the power that we have as a regional feminist fund and the spaces we can occupy because of it. We understand our responsibility and share power by intentionally creating spaces and redistributing resources, to a larger network of communities. We are in solidarity with our sisters in the frontlines who lead the fight for human rights, dignity and love.

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