Steering Towards New Feminist Horizons The UAF A&P Strategy Plan 2021-2023

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It's a new year, and we have a new lens with which to view our work and purpose. Presenting 'Steering Towards New Feminist Horizons', the UAF A&P Strategy Plan for 2021-2023!

We wish to thank the courageous feminists, women and non-binary human rights defenders and activists whose insights helped us map our journey over the next three years. This plan acts as a bamboo scaffolding that strongly supports our collective work and vision and has the flexibility and strength of bamboo to bend and adapt to the changing pathways and winds that we may encounter on our way.

Our report is a product of months-long virtual meetings by the UAF A&P Board and team, a true testament to our adaptiveness during socially-distanced times! The new visual language conjures up guiding stars and earthy tones, to reflect us looking up at possibilities while being grounded to grassroots realities.

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