Terms of Reference Board Contractor

Board Consultant

Download the Terms of Reference here.

Deadline to Apply: 31 May 2022

Location: Remote (based in Asia or The Pacific)

Reports to the Board Transition Committee of the UAF A&P Regional Board

Start date: immediate

Urgent Action Fund Asia and the Pacific is looking for a short-term Governance Board Contractor to facilitate the smooth transition of the UAF A&P Board, while maintaining strong leadership, regional representation, and diversity.

About the Fund:

Urgent Action Fund Asia & the Pacific (UAF A&P) supports the resilience and resistance of movements led by women and non-binary activists in Asia and the Pacific by co-creating a safe environment for them to sustain their work and thrive. Guided by feminist values, individuals, organisations, and their communities are provided urgent grants and strategic support to strengthen their safety and well-being. We collaborate to resource and promote a feminist culture of sharing and care that centres empathic relationships that prioritises people and planet over profit.

UAF A&P was set up in response to the need for a regionally based rapid response fund. The first consultation with women and non-binary human rights defenders from Asia and the Pacific was in Shillong in Northeast India in June 2015. A pathway for establishing Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights Asia and the Pacific was charted, and on 24 October 2017, in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Urgent Action Fund Asia and Pacific was launched during the celebration of 20 years of Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights, the founding Sister Fund. The UAF A&P Board approved and adopted its constitution in November 2017.

The Regional and Country Boards of UAF A&P will be undergoing a transition during the period of 2022 – 2023.

The Governance Board Contractor will work with the Board Transition Committee to facilitate the smooth transition of UAF A&P Boards, and research and recommend approaches to support an engaged and dynamic Governance Board. This work will be conducted over 3 months and is to be completed by July 31 2022


A. Support the Board Transition Committee to facilitate Board Transition

  1. Facilitate a participatory process that supports the Board transition
  2. Consolidate skills, identities and roles of sitting Board members
  3. Develop a process for the Board Transition Committee to identify new members
  4. Recommend to the Board Transition Committee a process for exiting founding members

Towards this, we seek the contractor to:

  • Assess and anticipate skills and talents needed for Board positions, and develop a tool for seeking nominees for Board positions
  • Recommend a suitable timeline for Board transition
  • Recommend how to celebrate the legacy of 'retiring' board members
  • Draft a nomination process and communication strategy to identify suitable candidates for positions on the UAF A&P Board
  • Advise the Board Transition Committee on the future composition and structure of the Board

B. Supporting Governance Review

  1. Develop a Code of Conduct, Performance Review and Complaints Mechanism for the Board
  2. Review Regional Board governance documents and recommend changes to the Board Transition Committee

Towards this, we seek the contractor to:

  • Review Board governance on the parameters of inclusiveness, adherence to common values, internal practices, and overall Board effectiveness
  • Develop a conflict resolution tool for the Board
  • Develop an engagement strategy to support all Board members to contribute to the successful working of the Board
  • Review and clarify Board member responsibilities and portfolios
  • Develop the Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest guidance
  • Develop a Board Orientation manual

Skills & Competencies

  • Experience in working with multi-regional social justice movements, and leadership teams of women, non-binary and queer-led, feminist organisations
  • Over 10 years of experience in developing and executing feminist leadership and governance strategies
  • Strong written and spoken communication skills
  • Ability to work across multiple time zones and cultural contexts

Reporting & Work Environment

The contractor will report to the Board Transition Committee of the UAF A&P Regional Board and should be able to work remotely and virtually with Board members, Co Leads and staff.

Suggested Timeline

By Jun 4
  • Review documents and collect necessary information to complete the work.
  • Approve workplan with the Board Transition Committee.
by Jun 20
  • Launch nomination and recruitment process
  • Develop and approve exit and orientation processes
  • Approve nomination short list with Board Transition Committee
by Jul 13
  • Facilitate Special Board Meeting to approve nominations
  • Begin implementing orientation and exit processes
By Aug 10
  • Complete all outstanding tasks


How to apply:

Applications will be compiled by the Executive Support Facilitator and reviewed by the Board Transition Committee. Interested candidates may apply for the position by emailing spremchander@uafanp.org with the following:

  1. Updated résumé/CV
  2. A brief proposal explaining their overall approach
  3. A proposed budget, including the proposed number of days of work within the proposed timeline
  4. Two relevant references