Webs of Safety and Care

Individuals, groups or organisations that are actively involved in the UAF A&P’s Enabling Defenders programme focused on strengthening webs of safety and care for women and non-binary defenders and activists are eligible for this grant. The Webs of Safety and Care grant is on invitation basis only. 

Our grantmaking is accompanied by an intentional approach to resourcing and strengthening the resilience of activists and defenders, and their communities. We enable grantees – on their own or in collaboration with others - to develop a holistic system of support and care, based on a needs assessment that grantees conduct with our support. 

Grant Criteria

Women or non-binary[1] led – women or non-binary human rights defenders must be the primary beneficiaries of the grant, preferably channelled via a women’s rights organisation;

Human Rights Focus – the defender or organisation promotes the advancement of women’s and/or LBTQI’s human rights using nonviolent tactics or strategies;

Active Participant – the group or organisation applying for the grant must be actively involved in UAF A&P’s enabling defenders programme focused on strengthening webs of safety and care for women and non-binary defenders in Asia and the Pacific and willing to partner with UAF A&P to implement this initiative. Individual or representatives of the organisation or network applying for this grant must be available to participate in dialogues, in-person or online, with UAF A&P at various stages of its implementation. This include participation in localising the assessment tool, conducting needs assessment and analysis and other stages of systems building.

Strategic Intervention – the proposed initiative must be strategic or of critical importance to building or strengthening the webs of safety and care for the intended defender or organisation. The intervention proposed is based on the needs assessment conducted using the framework of UAF A&P webs of safety and care.

[1]Non-binary is an umbrella term referring to individuals whose gender identity and/or gender expression are not exclusively masculine or feminine, male or female — thus, are outside of the gender binary and cisnormativity. UAF AP uses this term to encompass androgyny, polygender, genderqueer, gender fluid and a-gender individuals.


The Webs of Safety and Care | The Graphic Narrative

The documented story of one of our first grantees in the Webs of Safety and Care programme was converted into a graphic narrative to illustrate how women and non-binary activists and defender communities weave webs of safety and care. These webs of interdependence are founded in relationships of trust and community bonds. 

This graphic narrative is an attempt to help women and non-binary human rights activists and defenders realise the interconnectedness of the situations, contexts and/or  players that support their resistance and resilience

The contexts and specifics of this grantee story has been anonymised to ensure security and confidentiality of the group that worked on building webs of safety and care for this woman human rights defenders. 

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UAF A&P grants do not support:
  • Cisgender* males or cisgender male-led organisations or networks,

  • Individual requests without endorsement by an organisation,

  • Established community or established network affiliation or an UAF A&P advisor;

  • Activities or projects for humanitarian crises or natural disasters;

  • Activities or projects focused on development aid or charity assistance;

  • Projects or activities that are part of the regular programmes of an organisation;

  • Regular operating budgets and/or bridge funding (to fill a funding gap).

* Cisgender Males are individuals who identify as male and who were assigned male at birth.